Monday, October 29, 2012

Well a lot has changed since I wrote last

For one I am sorry I haven't been writing anything lately, but I will explain why I haven't been writing.
I am 6 months pregnant!!! I found out in June that I was pregnant when I had been feeling a little sick. I had morning sickness for 10 weeks and lost 12lbs. I now have gained 7 of those pounds back. I have been way to tired and sick to make any jewelry or even contemplate making any. I sold most of my jewelry while I was sick so I wouldn't be holding on to it. Being sick was a all day adventure. I don't know why they call it morning sickness lol it just doesn't happen in the morning. We are due February 21st

I also got married on October 13th to my wonderful husband and partner jarrod :) it was a quiet peaceful wedding. With a equally quiet and peaceful reception!! I loved it!! It was the perfect wedding for jarrod and I. If we had done formal it wouldn't have been us and it probably would have been awkward for us. It was done at his nana's house wedding was inside and reception was outside. I couldn't have done it with out our family helping us. And also for my best friend Nikki who makes me laugh all the time!! Can't wait for the pictures to see all of our crazy faces and serious ones.

I decided I am going to revamp this blog, it just won't be about jewelry making it will be about my life and what I experience and what I am going through everyday. There might be one post a day or there might be a couple posts and there might be a few days where I don't post at all. Life is an adventure and I plan on taking it and running with it.

Here are some pics my friend Nikki took and text messaged to me :)