Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink Parlour Festival

I had a blast doing this show! I will be a vendor next year as well hopefully if they take me :)  i hope everyone who went had a blast shopping! there looked like a lot of cool vendors and clothes! i did really well for my first show :) super happy with the results. Thank you guys who bought my jewelry i appreciate your business and everyone who took a look at my shop thank you so much for taking a look, feel free to contact me anytime :) the masterpiece of my shop has found a good home! Hope you enjoy Rockabilly Flowers, its an original design and one of a kind! Just like all my jewelry its one of a kind and never gonna be made again. I started making jewelry because i could never find anything i liked and that someone else didn't have so i started making jewelry 7 years ago and i have never looked back. I also want to thank Paige for being an awesome companion vendor with her jewelry displays i bought 2 of the lovely creations and i want to give big thanks to Nikki who came out to be my helper the whole time i really needed her help :) hope  you all have a great night and have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Rachel, congrats on having a good show & best wishes for a repeat next year!

    I'm your first follower (your blog says) so I'm going to get out there & tell others about Rockabead :)

    --Dave at Rings & Things,
    the Bead Show Tour people