Monday, November 28, 2011

Virtual Craft Show

Hello!!! I do not have all my jewelry on my website yet, I'm working on it, this past 3 weeks i have had back to back shows. all of my jewelry is for sale unless it says sold on it. i do not reproduce the same piece twice, so its first come first basis. You can look on my facebook site  and you can message me on there or add me as a friend, or you can conversation me on or email me at
All of the pictures are on my facebook. if you want something on there but is not on my etsy yet, let me know and i will put it on my etsy site for you. i am having a 30% sale from december 1st through december 31st 12pm pst. and free shipping as well. the code for the 30% is XMAS30
I am woring everynight to get the items on my website, but i do sell to my coworkers so things do have a tendency to be on there and then disappear. only because i sold it. hope you love my jewelry as much as i love making it.
remember the code otherwise you will not recieve the discount!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I have a show this Saturday :) a new one, I did a show in upland this past Sunday and I did ok, it was slow cuz of the rain. But this Saturday it is at a roller derby show. That should be fun. I hope I sell some. I am also trying out for magazines again, getting back into it. Going to have free shipping the whole month of December. My website is down because of the two shows and once this show is over it will be up and running again.

December 26th is the start of the virtual craft show on lori andersons blog I am giving away a pretty necklace that i love!!!!!

Can't wait for my different events this month, I am an extremely busy person

Saturday, November 12, 2011


i was supposed to have a show today but it was cancelled due to the weather. its not raining right now but it was last night. it is cold and cloudy. i love this weather. i do have 2 shows coming up one November 20th and December 10th. one right after the other. i am excited!!!! Hopefully i sell!! i have been getting my inventory ready for the show and i am also trying out for a magazine, so i ahve been creating for that as well. i have been a busy bee!! hopefully everyone stays dry out there today in the rain

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Jewelry Pics

i have been so busy!! Working 40 hrs a week at AAA plus working another 40 hrs making my jewelry and learning all about how to run a business. Having fun doing it all, but i am a crazy beadaholic :) Got engaged October 2nd 2011!!!!! so excited! Bridal Jewelry was my first thought about the whole process. I'm telling you im  a beadaholic. Jarrod (fiancee) is such a wonderful man to me, he made me a bead studio area in his place so i can do my jewelry while he plays his hockey games or watchin his games. :) he knows i love it so much and to have someone like him that supports me no matter what, is just what i need. :) here are some pics of my jewelry that i have done!!! i have 260 pieces of jewelry that i am trying to put up on my website visit my website for some delightful pieces!! if you see a peice on there but then disappearsthat means i sold it to a coworker, family memeber, friend or at a show. Just a heads up in case theres something you love on there.

 i love multi color bracelets and i knew when i saw these colors hang up in Surf City Beads i knew i had to have them.
 Skulls and bows are my favorite images so i knew a bracelelt was bound to happen one day featuring them.
 i decided to try out wire wrapping and i fell in love with wrapping topdrill beads and its awesomely fun to do!
 Asymetric designs are featured alot in my designs i think they work wonders on people, they are definitely conversation starters and all my jewelry is unique, my number one rule is Never make the same piece of jewelry twice! I'll do different colors and different beads of the same design but they are never the same at all. i always wanted that unique look and i hated going to stores and seeing all the same things and people not having anything unique to wear. And it bugged me to show up somewhere and see some one wearing the same thing as me! So i knew my jewelry would be unique and one of a kind. once its gone its gone. never to be reproduce even though people have asked me and told me i should make doubles. i will never do it, ever! I would be breaking everything i believe in. So people have fun with my jewelry wear it out have fun with it, i made each piece with love and i know you will appreciate it.

delicate, amazing pair of earrings, reminds of the 50's :) have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy bee is what I've been

I have been busy making new jewelry since I have been selling a lot at work to my coworkers and I have a show that I am doing this weekend as well. Been making lots of jewelry and still am designing some new ones for my show in November :) I had also ripped my toenail off too as well. I have pic of my newest creation that I am still in the process of designing and creating, it's the end product but it starting to look good. My computer is not cooperating with me with this pic. Later on today I will post it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A long time

Its been a while since i have been on here and i have been busy creating and selling :) sold so far on my etsy site 7 pieces of jewelry. i love that people love my jewelry and i cant wait to put up new designs i have been working on. i started redesigning my studio and my creative mind is on overdrive. for some reason whenever i start cleaning my work space it gets my creative juices flowing. i finished a necklace i've been designing for a few days now and today i started another one :) oh and i started a new job at AAA a week and half ago and i am loving it!!! here are some pics of the ones that were sold:

 i started making these rings with the black victorian inspired bands and different color flowers on top

                                                                my favorite earrings that i have made
                                                                  i love this bracelet
                                                           VERA, named after a dear friend

This is all for now with more updates later on :) i will not leave such a long gap of time before i write next time

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here are some pics of my booth from the show

I've been a busy girl, going to work went to 2 kings games last week as well as a baseball game. Sunday i created 5 pairs of earrings. I'm still working on my necklace creation. I also have been wanting to make some rings which i am going to start right away. hope you all have a great week!

Friday, April 1, 2011


i just realized how much jewelry i have to sell over 50 necklaces, over 50 bracelets and over 100 pairs of earrings!!!! I have a awesome idea for a necklace that im bursting to get started! i'll show some pics of the peice when im done

Thursday, March 31, 2011


This the one that sold. Its so pretty and it was on the cover of bead trends magazine. I'm really happy that it found a good home to go to. Been working on some new designs. I like designing between calls at work. i work in a call center and when it gets a little slow i like to take out a pen and some paper and design. Sometimes i have to altar the design once i start working with materials and then it elvoves into something completely different. Gonna start working on putting some more of my designs on my etsy site which is

talk to you later :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink Parlour Festival

I had a blast doing this show! I will be a vendor next year as well hopefully if they take me :)  i hope everyone who went had a blast shopping! there looked like a lot of cool vendors and clothes! i did really well for my first show :) super happy with the results. Thank you guys who bought my jewelry i appreciate your business and everyone who took a look at my shop thank you so much for taking a look, feel free to contact me anytime :) the masterpiece of my shop has found a good home! Hope you enjoy Rockabilly Flowers, its an original design and one of a kind! Just like all my jewelry its one of a kind and never gonna be made again. I started making jewelry because i could never find anything i liked and that someone else didn't have so i started making jewelry 7 years ago and i have never looked back. I also want to thank Paige for being an awesome companion vendor with her jewelry displays i bought 2 of the lovely creations and i want to give big thanks to Nikki who came out to be my helper the whole time i really needed her help :) hope  you all have a great night and have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 days till the show

SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!! my show is coming up!!!! i've been busy getting ready for it so much to do and not enough time!! gotta keep going will post what happens at the show which is at the Santa Anita Racetracks :) have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Show time

i'm getting ready for my show in 2 weeks!!!! im so excited!! It takes a lot to make a show. i have a lot more jewelry to make and its looking awesome. My boyfriend Jarrod says it looks like hurricane Rachel hit again. i have all these piles of parts to make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. i love the stress of  it! not my work stress but my jewelry stress!! i will be posting some pics soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First ever blog!!

hello everyone!!

i have never blogged before this is my first time blogging. i make jewelry, wonderful vintage inspired jewelry. i also make a lot of rockabilly jewelry as well. i've been in stringing magazine and the cover of bead trends magazine. i love making jewelry its my passion in life!! i have a show in 3 weeks so much to do and so little time!!! its my first show, i have never done one before!! gotta get back to designing out new designs.

here are some samples:

this was on the cover of bead trends feb 2011 magazine :)

this is one of my fav necklaces :)