Sunday, June 12, 2011

A long time

Its been a while since i have been on here and i have been busy creating and selling :) sold so far on my etsy site 7 pieces of jewelry. i love that people love my jewelry and i cant wait to put up new designs i have been working on. i started redesigning my studio and my creative mind is on overdrive. for some reason whenever i start cleaning my work space it gets my creative juices flowing. i finished a necklace i've been designing for a few days now and today i started another one :) oh and i started a new job at AAA a week and half ago and i am loving it!!! here are some pics of the ones that were sold:

 i started making these rings with the black victorian inspired bands and different color flowers on top

                                                                my favorite earrings that i have made
                                                                  i love this bracelet
                                                           VERA, named after a dear friend

This is all for now with more updates later on :) i will not leave such a long gap of time before i write next time

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