Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Jewelry Pics

i have been so busy!! Working 40 hrs a week at AAA plus working another 40 hrs making my jewelry and learning all about how to run a business. Having fun doing it all, but i am a crazy beadaholic :) Got engaged October 2nd 2011!!!!! so excited! Bridal Jewelry was my first thought about the whole process. I'm telling you im  a beadaholic. Jarrod (fiancee) is such a wonderful man to me, he made me a bead studio area in his place so i can do my jewelry while he plays his hockey games or watchin his games. :) he knows i love it so much and to have someone like him that supports me no matter what, is just what i need. :) here are some pics of my jewelry that i have done!!! i have 260 pieces of jewelry that i am trying to put up on my website visit my website for some delightful pieces!! if you see a peice on there but then disappearsthat means i sold it to a coworker, family memeber, friend or at a show. Just a heads up in case theres something you love on there.

 i love multi color bracelets and i knew when i saw these colors hang up in Surf City Beads i knew i had to have them.
 Skulls and bows are my favorite images so i knew a bracelelt was bound to happen one day featuring them.
 i decided to try out wire wrapping and i fell in love with wrapping topdrill beads and its awesomely fun to do!
 Asymetric designs are featured alot in my designs i think they work wonders on people, they are definitely conversation starters and all my jewelry is unique, my number one rule is Never make the same piece of jewelry twice! I'll do different colors and different beads of the same design but they are never the same at all. i always wanted that unique look and i hated going to stores and seeing all the same things and people not having anything unique to wear. And it bugged me to show up somewhere and see some one wearing the same thing as me! So i knew my jewelry would be unique and one of a kind. once its gone its gone. never to be reproduce even though people have asked me and told me i should make doubles. i will never do it, ever! I would be breaking everything i believe in. So people have fun with my jewelry wear it out have fun with it, i made each piece with love and i know you will appreciate it.

delicate, amazing pair of earrings, reminds of the 50's :) have a great weekend everyone!!

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