Monday, November 28, 2011

Virtual Craft Show

Hello!!! I do not have all my jewelry on my website yet, I'm working on it, this past 3 weeks i have had back to back shows. all of my jewelry is for sale unless it says sold on it. i do not reproduce the same piece twice, so its first come first basis. You can look on my facebook site  and you can message me on there or add me as a friend, or you can conversation me on or email me at
All of the pictures are on my facebook. if you want something on there but is not on my etsy yet, let me know and i will put it on my etsy site for you. i am having a 30% sale from december 1st through december 31st 12pm pst. and free shipping as well. the code for the 30% is XMAS30
I am woring everynight to get the items on my website, but i do sell to my coworkers so things do have a tendency to be on there and then disappear. only because i sold it. hope you love my jewelry as much as i love making it.
remember the code otherwise you will not recieve the discount!!!!


  1. Hi there, I just saw your giveaway on lori's blog, the necklace is gorgeous :) I added you to my circle on Etsy too. I'm participating too and having fun looking at all the crafters work... My giveaway should come up soon. Like your stuff ^_^ Virginie, on facebook and etsy

  2. I really like the Lime away. Be blessed to be a blessing

  3. I love the necklace you have on Lori's Virtual Craft Fair site! I'm so glad that these metals and styles are popular again! They DO have a royal look to them, don't they--something rare, ancient, precious, and unique. You're bead choices make this one extra-special!

  4. Thank you everyone :) i am so happy that you like my necklace. i hope one of you wins it :) i had fun doing this virtual craft show. i saw alot of great artists. i am so happy as well sharyl that antique brass is popular. i think it gives my pieces that vintage inspired look i am tryinh to achieve in alot of them. I Love Color, i love that necklace :) its one of my favorite colors. i am so happy you like it. ViviBijoux i saw your creation on loris blog and i love it!! its so pretty :) i tried finding you on facebook but it came up with no results. i found you on etsy. my facebook is
    and i am also on twitter under rockabead