Thursday, June 7, 2012

My goals for the rest of the year

I am working on my first goal of getting my jewelry into boutique stores. I am nervous about doing it, but I was talking to a awesome lady yesterday at a walk through for a show i am doing on June 23rd and she told me to go for it. There are thousands of stores out there and I know I need to get into these stores since my jewelry does sell really good at these jewelry events I do and people love my jewelry. I know these stores would be excited to see my jewelry since it is so unique. So I am working on that goal this year. I need to get a carrying case with trays for all of my jewelry before I approach boutiques with my jewelry.
My other goal is to get into the magazine jewelry affaire magazine. I haven't yet attempted to send any in yet but I will be doing that when it comes up again to send in. I have been in bead trends and stringing and now I want to go for that one.
My last goal is sell double what I sold last year. So far I am 3/4 of the way there.
I absolutely love making and designing jewelry, it's my passion and I am so in love with it!!!

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